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Dynamics – The Medway Music Education Hub CIC was launched in April 2018, moving out of Medway Council, to continue to provide wide-ranging, diverse and high quality musical opportunities for children and young people throughout Medway.


Dynamics has consistently been recognised by our funder Arts Council England as a highly successful Music Education Hub, regularly ranking first in the country for participation in our programmes.


Dynamics supports over 15,000 children in our programmes and through work with our key delivery partners. Dynamics teaches 26 different instruments, providing for a wide variety of genres and styles, including Music Technology. We also run a free instrument loan scheme to schools and their pupils to support all of our projects.


Dynamics’ Wider Opportunities scheme provides opportunities for all Medway pupils to experience instrumental learning for at least one year during their school career.

· At KS1, our 8-week project involves over 3,500 pupils each year.

· At KS2, our Whole Class Ensemble Tuition year-long programme is complemented by small group continuer projects on 26 different instruments across Medway and takes place in 96% of Medway schools and academies. In our annual evaluation, the retention request rate of all provision was 97.4%.

· Secondary schools and academies are offered funding for instrumental projects supporting continuers, nurturing new ensembles, and Year 6-7 Transition projects.

· Dynamics also works in Medway Special Schools with bespoke funded provision and brokerage of specialist Licensed Music Teachers.


Dynamics views all Medway schools and academies and partners, and we are proud of the hugely positive and bespoke support and communication we have with them. We are grateful to all school colleagues for their hard work in supporting our work.


Dynamics supports delivery partner Medway Music Association (MMA) to deliver a wide range of activities, including Music Centres, Holiday Courses, Ensembles and Events for thousands of children and young people.


MMA runs a number of high profile events for Medway’s schools and academies throughout the year to capacity audiences totalling over 7,500 people.

· Cathedral Carol Festival in Rochester Cathedral. Each year over 1,350 pupils and approximately thirty-five schools are involved over three days singing carols and Christmas songs in front of capacity audiences.

· The March Festival in the Central Theatre provides Choral and Instrumental opportunities for approaching 3,000 KS1, KS2 and secondary pupils.

· The Celebration Days at the Brook Theatre in June give young instrumentalists the chance to hone and display the progress made in school during the year.


MMA ensembles include Medway Youth Orchestra, Medway Schools Wind Band, Medway Intermediate Youth Orchestra, Medway Junior Youth Orchestra and Medway Schools Training Wind Band. MMA also runs the annual Easter and Summer Music Courses for 200 pupils, as well as weekly Music Centres and Rock Schools.


We strive for excellence in both the educational process and outcomes, and use music to improve health and wellbeing by boosting self-esteem, self-confidence, aspiration, social skills and positive attitudes to schooling, including for those with Special Educational Needs.  We work in partnership with others to maximise the impact of available resources.


We firmly believe that musical opportunities should be fully accessible to every young person in Medway. Financial, social or other barriers should not stand in the way for any child or young person. All children should have access to high quality performance opportunities and cultural experiences. We aspire to identify, support and empower musically talented young people through accessible routes to progression to the highest level they can achieve. We also encourage engagement of families and communities in the celebration of achievement.

About Us


Dynamics is proud to work with a wide variety of partners to enhance the quality and range of the musical offer to children and young people in Medway.

Our Principle Partners

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