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Dynamics Instrument Stock

Dynamics has a stock of instruments that it loans to schools and academies at no charge to support our projects and our Licensed Music Teachers.


We are practically unique in making no charge for the loan of instruments. In order to make this feasible, the safe keeping, repair, maintenance, insurance and replacement costs for these instruments are the responsibility of the school. The instrument system is very much a partnership arrangement and we view it as an essential part of the equality of opportunity that we value so highly in Medway.

If appropriate for children to take the instruments home for 


practice, it will be necessary for schools to obtain in advance written agreement from parents/carers accepting full responsibility for the instruments. Templates for this letter can be requested from

We are currently in the process of a phased instrument audit of Dynamics instruments on loan and we encourage schools to let us know of any instruments that are not in use.


If your school owns instruments that have been sitting in cupboards not being used, please do let us know! We are always happy to help schools make the best use of resources.

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