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All KS2 pupils will receive at least one year of Whole Class tuition during their time at school. Dynamics provides funding for Licensed Music Teachers to deliver 30 weeks of tuition and continues to offer free instrument loan. 


Whole class tuition instrumental oppurtunities include Djembe, Samba, Ocarina, Recorder and Ukulele.


In the majority of schools, additional funded tuition is also offered in smaller groups. This is available on 23 different instruments ranging from minority instruments like Double Bass and Oboe to instruments such as Violin and Flute.


Dynamics also offers support for schools to create and maintain their own ensembles. 


Further to this, pupils have the opportunity to take part in large-scale musical events led by its partner Medway Music Assocaition. Annual events are the Rochester Cathedral Carols, the March Festival and the Brook Theatre Celebration Week.


For more information about these events please visit our partner's website:

Medway Music Association.




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