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Music Centre Groups

Musical Games: Come and discover rhythm using percussion instruments, rhyming phrases, clapping, tapping, and more!

Ukuleles: Learn to play the ukulele in a group as a handy gateway to learning other stringed instruments.


Fifes: A cross between the recorder and flute, the fife is a wind instrument perfect for beginners. No prior experience necessary.


Choir: Have fun learning songs in a group and singing songs in a round. Learn a variety of music including songs from musicals and films.


General Musicianship: Need help with aural tests or sight reading? We’re here to help!

Grade 1 Theory: Improve on your basic music theory knowledge. Work towards taking the grade 1 theory examination.

Grade 2 Theory: For those who have passed grade 1 theory. Work towards taking your grade 2 theory examination with the opportunity to move on to higher grades.

Grade 3-5 Theory: Advanced theory class for those who have passed grade 2 theory.

Percussion Band: A brand new ensemble for all those who like learning about rhythm and making a lot of noise!

Jazz Band: Do you love Jazz? Here's a fun new ensemble for learning about jazz rhythms, how to improvise and more.

Beginner Ensembles: Beginner Orchestra, Beginner Recorders, Beginner Brass


Intermediate Ensembles: String Ensemble, Wind Band, Medway Youth Recorder Consort

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