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Rochester Children's Choir launch

We are delighted to announce that Rochester Children's Choir has launched. There is no audition involved for the choir: any boy or girl aged 7 - 13 can join! We hope that children from all over Medway will continue to join us.

Medway Music in South Africa

Licensed Music Teacher, Debbie Sowter, recently visited a school in South Africa to see music being taught and to offer her own expertise. She shares her experiences in a news article - a great read!

Medway Youth Orchestra 

We were delighted with the progress made by the Medway Youth Orchestra and we are very excited for the year to come. Click here for the 2017-18 timetable.

New Percussion Band at Music Centre 

After the success of St Margaret's Easter School Percussion Workshop day we have launched a new Percussion Band that will rehearse at the St Thomas of Canterbury Music Centre each week. All are welcome!

'Making Music with Youth Orchestra'

The newly-formed Medway Youth Orchestra struck a high note with audiences during its debut performance at the St George's Centre at Chatham Maritime.

'Musical Youth Trumpet Talent'

Dynamics teaches more than 12,000 primary school pupils each week.

Celebration Days at the Brook Theatre

In June we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of music-making at the Brook Theatre in Chatham. Children from schools and academies all over Medway came together to celebrate the progress they have made on their instruments throughout the year.

MMA Holiday Courses are moving to a new venue!

We are delighted to announce that, from Summer School 2017 onwards, all MMA Holiday Courses will be moving to St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School in Rainham.

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